Dragon’s Blood

Dragon’s Blood is a red resin that originates in Indonesia and is extracted from tropical trees that thrive in the warm climate. Here at William Bernstein Company, we’ve experienced the multitude of benefits that this element can have on the human body, which is why we’re leading importers and exporters of this beneficial resin. Below are the characteristics of Dragon’s Blood.

Family: Arecaceae
Genus: Daemonorops (draco)
Country of Origin: Indonesia
Form/Size: Fist-size balls

Dragon’s Blood is a bright red resin derived from a number of different genera, and numerous species within each genus. It’s commonly used as a varnish, as incense, in medicine, and as a dye. Additionally, it’s used as a form of digestive relief and helps to protect against unwanted bacteria and fungi. Its name derives from medieval folklore that claims it is the blood of dragons that died in combat.

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