Gum Dammar/Damar AKA White Copal

Gum Dammar

Gum Dammar/Damar AKA White Copal is a resin that originates in Indonesia from coniferous trees. The process of extracting it involves tapping the trees to collect the substance. To view the characteristics of this resin, see below.

Gum Dammar (or Damar) – (also referred to as Copal)

Family:  Dipterocarpaceae
Genus:  Shorea
Country of Origin:  Indonesia (Sumatra)
Form/Size: Natural pieces (larger and smaller)

As stated above, Gum Dammar/Damar AKA White Copal is mostly produced by tapping trees; sometimes collected in fossilized form from the ground. It’s commonly used in foods, painting supplies like various lacquers and glosses, and mediums (e.g., to make varnish), and as incense. It is colorless to slightly yellow in color.