Gum Myrrh HG (High Grade)

For over 70 years, William Bernstein Company has been a source of specialized resins. These products are composed of raw materials and highly desired for their organic compounds. One of the many resins we import is Gum Myrrh HG (High Grade), which has been used for centuries for its healing properties and aromatherapeutic benefits.

Below are the characteristics of Gum Myrrh HG (High Grade).

Family: Burseraceae
Genus:  Commiphora (myrrha)
Country of Origin:  Western Africa
Form/Size: Natural (irregularly shaped pieces), Peasize, and Siftings (granular).

Gum Myrrh HG (High Grade) is an aromatic resin of great Biblical significance. It’s harvested from the tree and then allowed to harden. Its uses include incense, medicine, perfume, and religious ritual.

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