Gum Myrrh

Gum Myrrh is an African resin that’s used to provide relief for common intestinal issues like indigestion and ulcers. Additionally, it’s believed to help cure the common cold by providing relief to the lungs and nasal airways.

This resin also has great significance for religious rituals as it kills harmful bacteria and is believed to purify the air in places of worship.

Below you’ll find the characteristics of this resin.

Gum Myrrh

Family: Burseraceae
Genus:  Commiphora (myrrha)
Country of Origin:  Western Africa
Form/Size: Natural (irregularly shaped pieces), Peasize, and Siftings (granular).

As previously stated, Gum Myrrh is an aromatic resin of great Biblical significance. It’s harvested from the tree and then allowed to harden. The most common uses for this resin includes incense, medicine, perfume, and religious ritual.

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