Gum Olibanum Somalian

William Bernstein Company is a leading importer and exporter of gums, resins, and botanicals. For over 70 years, WBC has been providing many different industries with the ingredients they require for production.

At William Bernstein Company, we have Gum Olibanum Somalian available for purchase. Below you’ll find the list of characteristics that make this resin.

Gum Olibanum (Frankincense) Somalian

Family: Burseraceae
Genus: Boswellia
Species: Carterii
Country of Origin: Somalia

Gum Olibanum Somalian is an aromatic (tree) resin used for incense, perfume, and aromatherapy. It’s harvested by “tapping” the tree and thereby extracting the sap. The quality of this resin is determined by color, aroma, size, and purity. Additionally, it’s considered a species of great Biblical significance.

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